Hazard perception 24

Instructions for the hazard perception test:

  1. Click "Start"
  2. Click the orange "Hazard!" button when you see a developing hazard.
  3. At the end of the test you will see your score and the time frame when you should have clicked.

www.theorytest.org hazard perception test offers you a real test like experience.

How to use the hazard perception test?

This page shows how to use our hazard perception test.

  • Start the test by clicking the "start" -button. A video starts to play.
  • Click the "Hazard!" -button when you see a developing hazard in the video.
    • (Actual test does not have a hazard button, you just need to click on the video)
  • Do not click too many times or the system will stop recording the clicks.

When you click the "Hazard!" -button, a marker appears at the point where you clicked:


This is the solution display. The user has clicked twice (see 2 orange markers). 

The green bar displays the time frame when the hazard appeared in the video. So this time, the user clicked way too early. 
(Numbers inside the green bar show the scoring. ) 


This is the solution display of a single hazard clip. The user has clicked at the correct moment and got a full score. Solution screen does not reveal the actual hazard, however, it shows whether you click too early or too late.

The User has clicked at the correct moment and got full points.

Practise using our hazard perception test and you'll pass the actual test more likely. Compared to the free tests, we have the DVSA-made CGI videos and multiple-choice questions. 

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