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Hazard perception test

Instructions for the hazard perception test:

  1. Press "Start"
  2. Press the orange "Hazard!" button when you see a developing hazard.
  3. At the end of the test you will see your score and the time frame when you should have reacted.

To pass the official hazard perception test, we recommend you to practise with some of the online revision tools. 

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To pass the actual hazard test, we recommend you try some of the online practicing tools. Our hazard perception test contains DVSA revision bank CGI videos. You can't find anything closer to the actual hazard test than this. 

Find out how the hazard perception test works. Watch this official DVSA hazard perception video.

There are lots of different types of hazards that you might encounter on the roads. The Hazard Perception Test covers a wide range of types of hazard. The type of hazard depends on the driving situation.

Some general hazards

  • Traffic signs that might relate to a hazard ahead
  • Bad road conditions, visibility or weather
  • Emergency vehicles that might drive unpredictably
  • Vehicles changing lanes, particularly in response to other hazards
  • Pedestrians exiting vehicles, crossing the road

Common rural hazards include

  • Narrow roads. (may only be wide enough for one vehicle)
  • Slow moving vehicles
  • Sharp turns, blind or unmarked junctions
  • Hazards on the road itself, such as hay, mud, manure, silage.

Common motorway hazards

  • Vehicles breaking down, entering or leaving the hard shoulder
  • Vehicles slowing down to leave the motorway
  • Vehicles changing lanes in response to slow-moving vehicles
  • Road works

Pass mark in the hazard perception test is 44 points out of 75.

Hazard perception test contains 14 video clips of approximately 1 minute each. The videos will not contain any sound. Each clip contains 1 developing hazard, but one clip will have 2 hazards. You need to react as quickly as possible to potential hazards as they appear.

We recommend you to watch this short video before starting the practice:
Practise for the actual hazard perception test with our online mock hazard perception test. It contains the latest licensed DVSA revision clips.

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