Hazard Perception Test

Hazard perception test is the second part of the theory test.

Hazard perception test is a mandatory part in the UK theory test, which all UK learner drivers must pass. 

Hazard perception videos

Hazard Perception test

To successfully pass the Hazard Perception Test, we highly recommend utilizing some of the available online practice tools.

Potential hazards in the videos

The roads present a multitude of potential hazards that you may encounter. This comprehensive test encompasses a broad spectrum of hazard types. The nature of each hazard is contingent upon the specific driving scenario.

Identifying General Hazards

  • Traffic signs that might relate to a hazard ahead
  • Challenging road conditions. 
    • Conditions like poor visibility or adverse weather
  • Emergency vehicles that might drive unpredictably
  • Lane changes
    • Vehicles altering lanes in response to hazards
  • Pedestrians exiting vehicles or crossing the road

Recognizing Common Rural Hazards

  • Narrow roads. Some roads accommodate only a single vehicle.
  • Slow-moving vehicles
  • Sharp turns and blind junctions
  • Hazards on the road. Obstacles such as hay, mud, manure, and silage.

Understanding Common Motorway Hazards

  • Breakdowns and Lane Changes. Vehicles on the hard shoulder or changing lanes.
  • Vehicles slowing down to leave the motorway
  • Vehicles changing lanes in response to slow-moving vehicles
  • Road works

What is the pass mark in Hazard perception test?

Pass mark in the hazard perception test is 44 points out of 75.

How hazard test works?

Hazard perception test contains 14 video clips of approximately 1 minute each. The videos will not contain any sound. Each clip contains 1 developing hazard, but one clip will have 2 hazards. You need to react as quickly as possible to potential hazards as they appear.

We recommend you to watch this short video before starting the practice: