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  • CGI Hazard perception test 2023
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  • I passed first time with top marks in both theory and hazard perception! This site was the best around - clear and easy to use. It meant I was able to approach the test with confidence. Thanks for a great product!

  • I passed my Theory test first time yesterday using this site. In hindsight, i couldn't have passed without it.

  • I passed today after revising for three days on this website! The exact same questions that came up on this website came up on the actual test. All in all, this tool is certainly invaluable. Highly recommended!

    Jake B
  • A week long bout of revision here led to the successful completion of the actual motorcycle theory test in Ilford today. A great resource that proved invaluable in achieving 48/50 on the theory part and 69/75 on the hazard perception. 

  • Thanks it was very helpful I passed my theory test.

  • I passed. I found practising on this site very helpful. Hazard test practice is a must. Thank You

  • I have failed twice before because of the hazard perception and once I started to use this website, I passed my theory third time today so thank you :)

  • Thanks to this website I passed the hazard perception test. 66 points out of 75. Thank you.

  • I took the theory test and passed the second time. Just wanted to say thanks!

  • Great site, passed my theory today with 100% on the theory and 72 out of 75 on the hazard perception. Practice makes perfect
  • I did it! Finally passed after failing my first theory test. Luckily I found this site! It has a great value - actual DVSA preparation materials! Thank you THEORYTEST.ORG!


    O. Jones
  • Probably the best hazard perception practice available online.

  • This theory test really helped. I just took my test today and passed!


Car and motorcycle theory test

  • 50 multiple-choice questions.
  • Pass mark: 43/50
  • 14 hazard perception video clips. Each of the videos has 1 developing hazard and one video has 2 hazards.

PCV and LGV theory test

  • 100 randomly selected multiple-choice questions.
  • 19 hazard perception videos. Each of the videos has 1 developing hazard and one video has 2 hazards.
  • Pass mark in hazard perception part is 67/100

Car and motorcycle theory test

  • Multiple choice part: 43/50
  • Hazard perception test: 44/75

BUS and LGV theory test

  • Multiple choice part: 85/100
  • Hazard perception test: 67/100

The theory test is made up of 2 parts; the hazard perception part and the multiple-choice part. If you fail one part you fail the whole test.

A pass mark for the multiple-choice test in the car theory test is 43/50, which means you need to get a score of 43 or higher. So the pass mark for the multiple-choice is therefore 86%.

The second part of the UK theory test is the Hazard Perception test. Hazard test has a maximum score of 75 and to pass you need to score 44 or higher. So the pass mark for the hazard perception test is approximately 59%.

Car theory test pass rates

UK Car theory test pass rates:

Year 2018

  • Male pass rate: 46,8%
  • Female pass rate: 50,7%
  • Total pass rate: 48,7%
  • Total conducted: 1,886,218
  • Total passes: 918 130

Year 2017

  • Male pass rate: 46,8%
  • Female pass rate: 50,7%
  • Total pass rate: 48,7%
  • Total conducted: 1,952,226
  • Total passes: 950 210

Year 2016

  • Male pass rate: 46,6%
  • Female pass rate: 50,6%
  • Total pass rate: 48,6%
  • Total conducted: 1 026 149
  • Total passes: 498 565

Year 2015

  • Male pass rate: 47,7%
  • Female pass rate: 51,0%
  • Total pass rate: 49,3%
  • Total conducted: 1 900 691
  • Total passes: 937 034

Year 2014

  • Male pass rate: 48,8%
  • Female pass rate: 54,7%
  • Total pass rate: 51,6%
  • Total conducted: 1 680 268
  • Total passes: 857 189

(Figures: DVSA

In 2023 the theory test remains the same as in the previous year. Couple of years ago, DVSA introduced new CGI hazard perception video clips. The new CGI clips replace old filmed clips in the hazard test. The amount of the multiple choice questions and hazard clips remains same.

Car theory test

  • Car theory test fee £23
  • Driving test fee £62
  • Extended driving test for disqualified drivers fee £124
  • Car and trailer Driving test weekdays: £115, evenings, weekends: £141

Motorbike theory test fees:

  • Moped and motorcycle theory test fee £23
  • Module 1 motorcycle test (off-road) £15.50
  • Module 2 motorcycle test (on-road) £75
  • Extended test for disqualified riders (on-road) £150

Tractor driving test fees:

  • Driving test fee £62

(Figures: DVSA

Book your theory test using the official DVSA theory test service. If you book with any other booking service, you may be charged more. You can book your theory test for car, motorcycle, lorry or bus theory test.

What you need to book your theory test:

  • Your provisional driving licence number
  • Valid email address
  • a credit or debit card

Remember that if you just failed your theory test, you need to wait at least 3 working days before taking it again. Book your theory test by phone from the GOV.UK site

The official Hazard perception test contains 14 videos (each approximately 1 minute). Each clip contains 1 developing hazard, but one clip will have 2 hazards. You need to react as quickly as possible to potential hazards as they appear. To practise for the hazard perception part, we recommend you to use online mock hazard perception tests. Read more about hazard perception test and practise online with the official DVSA revision mock hazard perception test.