Changes in theory test in April 2020

When will car theory test change?

UPDATE: New case study questions published. Read more here case study questions

Car theory test will change in spring 2020. From 14 April 2020 the structure of the test will be modified. The case studies part of the theory test will be removed and a new element will be added: a short video clip and 3 multiple-choice questions based on the video.

This change is aimed at making the theory test more accessible to people with reading difficulties and learning disabilities or special developmental conditions such as autism. 

What theory tests will be affected?

So far it is known that the car theory test will change first. For now the change will not apply to the motorcycle, lorry, bus or coach, and approved driving instructor ADI part 1 tests. 

What will the new test look like?

Currently, car theory test includes a case study. You need to read it and answer 5 questions based on the case study material. 

From 14 April 2020  28 September 2020 onwards this part will be removed. Instead, you will be asked to watch a short video clip and answer 3 questions about it. This task will be a part of the multiple-choice section of the theory test. You are allowed to watch the video clip unlimited times while completing the multiple-choice part. You will still need to answer 50 multiple-choice questions in a time slot of 57 minutes and get 43 out of 50 questions correctly to pass this part of the theory test. The hazard perception part of the test remains as it is. 

Video clip example

In the video clip you will see a certain road situation while driving in the city or in the countryside.

Here is an example of a video clip: 

Based on the clip you will be asked 3 questions. For each question you will have to pick an answer from 4 provided options. 

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